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Service Manual – The Hammond Vibrato

The Hammond Vibrato

Hammond Organ consoles equipped with vibrato differ from tremulant models in the omission of the tremulant switch, tremulant control, and non-vibrato preamplifier, and in the addition of […]

Servicing the Hammond Vibrato Scanner



Scanner Operation.
Vibrato Problems.
Servicing the Scanner.
Quick Fix

Scanner Operation.

Hammond Vibrato Scanner

From Service Manual

Due to the fact that the Hammond Tone Generator runs […]

The Hammond Story

"Fifty years of musical excellence."
from a 50th Anniversary Hammond Co. pamphlet

The Hammond Organ story began in a loft over an Evanston grocery store, for it was there, even […]

Hammond Patent Drawings

Here are the original 17 drawings from the 1934 Patent Office for the Hammond Organ from Laurens Hammond.













Oiling Instructions for the Hammond Organ

Remember to use ONLY Hammond Oil
The Hammond Organ uses a capillary oiling system and this oil is specifically formulated to work in this environment.

(1) Hammond Consoles with Two […]